About Us

Sicker Than Your Average

Inspired by a famous line from the late Christopher Wallace, SickerThanYourAvg is a
website started by two friends with the hopes of spreading great music and dopeness to the masses, while embodying that link between Hip-Hop culture and young Africans. Our newest line of apparel, the “Fallen Soldier Collection” features tees dedicated to our favorite fallen rap legends. We’re dedicated to promoting all that is good in the world of Hip Hop. That includes looking back at the classics, appreciating the present, and highlighting new artists. Enjoy!

Chisom Uzosike (@AfricanChisom)
“I’m a producer, writer, and the creator of SickerThanYourAvg.com. I’ve also received the privilege of writing for XXL Magazine. I hail from the state of Maryland and attend Howard University. My mission is to promote the beautiful things about Hip-Hop culture and Black culture as a whole.”

Christine Ahamefule (@CleanYourNyash)

“I enjoy listening to music more than I like writing autobiographies…” (I also hail from the Bay. R.I.P. Mac Dre) *Chisom added that part


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