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Animated Interview: Tupac Shakur

5 Dec



No this isn’t some random wacky cartoon featuring the iconic rapper; instead Blank on Blank (a PBS series) has created imagery that brings new life to a previously unheard 1994 interview. Along with the well done animation, Tupac’s music is intertwined into the interview and helps to compliment the video. Tupac Shakur was known for giving intriguing and often enlightening interviews, with this one being no different. Pac eerily initially brings up his death as a best case scenario (later changing it to worst) and touches on subjects such as: race, “Thuglife”, the media, and the rape allegations against him. This is definitely well worth-watching (being that I’ve already rewatched it twice…maybe even three times)–as well as other Blank on Blank interviews featuring artists such as: Ray Charles and Kurt Cobain. Check it out below.


Interview: Kanye West Visits The Breakfast Club

26 Nov


An interview that most of us thought would never happen.

Kanye has been busy doing interview runs lately and surprisingly decided to stop by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this morning. For those of you who don’t keep up with The Breakfast Club, know that the interviewers: Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and especially Charlamagne Tha God, are pretty critical when it comes to their opinions on Kanye West–often even crowning him “Donkey Of The Day”. Making this one very unexpected interview–with even Kanye commenting on people wanting to see him and Charlamagne to fight. Within the duration of the interview Kanye spoke on everything, from: him choosing Jay Z over Dame Dash to the (almost infamous) “Bound 2” music video and he notably calls Yeezus “a listening session for the world”. Ye sounds impassionate as ever and the group ask some pointed questions, making this an interview worth watching. Hmm… who knows, maybe even Drake will come through to the Breakfast Club next (probably not)? Check it out below.

Interview: Zane Lowe & Eminem

26 Nov


Zane Lowe has sat down to interview some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop this year and of course this interview is no different. Zane spoke to none other than Slim Shady himself; discussing a broad range of topics including everything from Em’s love of Hip-Hop, to recording sober, his influences, and the balance between mainstream/pop acceptance and lyrical integrity. Check out the in depth, four-part interview below.

Last Week In Interviews…

30 Sep

If you didn’t already know it, last week was a fairly interesting one in music–especially with the amount of compelling artist interviews going around. So if you’re interested we have it for you here.  

Well, first of all Kanye’s interview with Zane Lowe has been one of the most widely talked about interviews  of the year; so if you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it: here and here.

Also if you’re interested here is Jimmy Kimmel’s (unfunny) spoof of Kanye’s interview that sparked Kanye’s wrath on twitter.

Depending on your stance, the cultural phenomenon/train-wreck (or maybe both?) that happens to be Miley Cyrus covered Rolling Stone magazine this month. In her interview she chatted it up and answered questions on just about everything, from race to drugs. Read it here.


While you may have thought that the enigma that is DMX, was pretty much done with anything OWN related–after his entertaining but unresolved stint on Iyanla Fix My Life. The dog sat down with none other than Dr. Phil himself.

In one of Ja Rule’s most recent interviews since his release from jail, he alongside Irv Gotti spoke candidly with the always entertaining Breakfast Club. Will Ja have us chanting “Its Murdaaaa” once again in 2014?

After an embarrassingly engrossing (you know you twatched despite of better judgement) twitter showdown, with Teyana Taylor and Rihanna tossing around subliminal and not-so subliminal disses. The Harlem native decided to call into Hot 97 and talk about her side of the story.

In a meeting of the lightskins, Drake sat down with the OG, Elliot Wilson for an interview on YN’s CRWN series. The interview goes in-depth and even features some crowd participation–which is a rarity. That laugh though! (If you’ve listened to an Elliot Wilson interview before you’ll know what I mean)

-Christine Ahamefule (@cleanyournyash)

Kanye West Interview (Continued)

26 Sep

As promised earlier, here is the remaining part 3 and part 4 of Kanye West’s in-depth four-part interview with Zane Lowe. Sit back and enjoy.

-Christine Ahamefule (@Cleanyournyash)

In Case You Missed It: Kanye West Interview

25 Sep

Earlier this week BBC One Radio dropped part one and part two of an in-depth four-part interview that Yeezy had with Zane Lowe–with the video part 3 dropping today (we’ll update when it does). Starting off with an initial warning, stating that the interview contains “the strongest possible language” Kanye keeps it very real with an interview full of quotables that provides an interesting contrast to his recent interview with Kris Jenner.

-Christine Ahamefule (@cleanyournyash)

Interview: Janelle Monae

17 Sep

The great people at Winner’s Circle Entertainment sent us a recent interview, where the beautiful (and very talented) Janelle Monae stopped in North Carolina and chatted it up on the new episode of the MindGames (with MindBonics) web series. Janelle spoke candidly and answered a few interesting questions. Watch the interview, check out her newest album, The Electric Lady, in stores now, and maybe even listen to the wonderful remix of the title track below. Enjoy !

-Christine Ahamefule (@cleanyournyash)

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