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Animated Interview: Tupac Shakur

5 Dec



No this isn’t some random wacky cartoon featuring the iconic rapper; instead Blank on Blank (a PBS series) has created imagery that brings new life to a previously unheard 1994 interview. Along with the well done animation, Tupac’s music is intertwined into the interview and helps to compliment the video. Tupac Shakur was known for giving intriguing and often enlightening interviews, with this one being no different. Pac eerily initially brings up his death as a best case scenario (later changing it to worst) and touches on subjects such as: race, “Thuglife”, the media, and the rape allegations against him. This is definitely well worth-watching (being that I’ve already rewatched it twice…maybe even three times)–as well as other Blank on Blank interviews featuring artists such as: Ray Charles and Kurt Cobain. Check it out below.


Jabari Presents: Hoodie Allen (Documentary)

25 Feb

For all you readers who have lofty dreams and aspirations, this documentary is a must-watch. Meet Hoodie Allen, a 24-year-old MC who left his job with Google to pursue a Hip Hop career. Continue reading

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