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Free LP: MoRuf – Shades of Moo

16 Nov



Looking for some dope new music?

Look no further (you know we got you). New Jersey native, Moruf delivers Shades of Moo, a record that is quickly becoming a personal favorite with us at Sickerthanyouravg. Shades of Moo is a refreshingly street smart mix of jazz and hip hop. Moruf brings you into his life, including the ups and downs of love, in a real way. For the project Moruf grabbed up TDE’s songstress SZA for a skit as well as singer Jesse Boykins for the standout track, “Homie.Lover.Friend”. Shades of Moo also features some well-worked in samples from Love and Basketball (I mean who doesn’t love, Love and Basketball) and an array of great beats from multi-talented producers such as: Like (of Pac Div), Melo-X and Iman Omari. Moruf has quietly dropped what may be one of the best records of the year, offering good music with no gimmicks. Shades of Moo is something that you definitely won’t regret listening to.

STYA Dope.jpg




The Black Album Turns 10

14 Nov


Earlier this year we reminisced about some of the top ten albums from a decade ago. Well today one of the most important albums on the list, The Black Album, turned ten. Ten years ago, when Shawn Carter announced his retirement–proclaiming that The Black Album would be his swan song, the world listened and fanfare ensued. Being only 10 at the time, I did not fully grasp the magnitude of the situation; nor did I understand that it (yes the album itself) was a truly momentous moment in hip hop. All I knew was that I loved dusting my shoulders off and trying to Harlem shake to “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” (sigh). Revisiting The Black Album in my later years made me truly appreciate what a great album Jay-Z delivered to the world on November 13, 2003. Everything from the layered  autobiography that is “December 4th” to the wicked vengeance of “Lucifer”, and the roaring, now iconic “99 Problems”, displayed a man who had become an indisputable master of his craft; someone who certainly did not have to leave rap but was choosing to do so (or so we thought). Jay Z wore the badge of being a veteran proudly, without coming off as weathered or repetitive–setting the prevailing tone of triumph. All of this, along with managing to stand out within a distinguished discography is laudable enough–and don’t even get me started on the production on this album. There’s so much more that could be said but I’ll let the music do the rest of the talking; so check out some of my favorite Black Album cuts below, along with some behind the scenes clip and a special tribute mix made by Hot 97’s Dj Mister Cee. Lets sit back and reminisce about that one time that actually we thought that Jay-Z would stop rapping.
-Christine Ahamefule (@Cleanyournyash)

Download DJ Mister Cee – Jay-Z The Black Album 10th Anniversary Tribute Mix


The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Turns 15

26 Aug

miseducation-of-laurynThere is very little that can be said about The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill that has not already been said. Fifteen years ago on August 25th 1998 The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill–an album that both spoke for and sang to a generation–was born.  This album propelled Ms. Hill from being viewed as Wyclef’s talented second-string into a bonafide superstar in her own right.

When you listen to The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill in 2013 its easy to see why this album is as acclaimed as it is timeless. I remember listening to the album in its entirety as a young girl for the first time and feeling an emotional connection that is so rare, even looking at music itself a little differently, and judging female rappers more harshly.  When I listened to The Miseducation I knew that I was witnessing something truly special.

With Lauryn Hill’s debut album she achieved what some artists spend their entire lives attempting to achieve (and what she has ironically spent her life since then trying to escape)–a magnum opus that flawlessly blended different genres, surprised naysayers by receiving mainstream acclaim and was most importantly an honest representantion of Lauryn Hill as an artist. For that we pay homage. Listen below and take a much needed trip down memory lane.

-Christine Ahamefule (@Cleanyournyash)

Throwback Thursday: Scarface – The Diary (1994)

29 Mar

Classic Albums

1994 was a huge year for Hip Hop. On the East Coast, Nas released his now-revered classic Illmatic and The Notorious B.I.G. released his timeless debut Ready To Die. East Coast (namely New York) Hip Hop was brimming with life during this period, but many tend to overlook the contributions of Southern artists during the 90’s. A particular lyricist down in Houston had no intention of being left out of the “classic albums” discussion. Scarface, one-third of the legendary Geto Boys, released his third solo album The Diary. The Diary is widely considered to be one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time, and has the distinction of being one of the few albums given a perfect rating in The Source and XXL. If you haven’t heard this album yet, now would be a great time to check it out.

– Chisom Uzosike

A few of my favorite tracks…

“No Tears”

“Mind Playin’ Tricks ’94”

“Hand Of The Dead Body (Feat. Ice Cube)”

Throwback Thursday: Nas – Illmatic (1994)

24 Jan


In keeping with the spirit of Throwback Thursday, let’s take a moment to appreciate one of the greatest and most influential Hip Hop albums of all time. How many rappers would rap about “dead presidents” if it weren’t for Nas? Not quite as many, I can imagine. There’s really nothing that hasn’t been said about Illmatic. It’s timeless. It’s been quoted, smoked to, bumped in the car, and used as a standard of perfection for almost twenty years…and the man is STILL doing his thing (Check out his album Life Is Good if you haven’t already). If you haven’t heard this album yet, do it NOW before anyone else finds out you haven’t.

-Chisom Uzosike

Here’s my personal favorite song from Illmatic…the song that inspired me to become a producer (Shout out to the legend, Pete Rock). “The World Is Yours”.

*For The Heads* Here’s a documentary from 1991…Sort of like a “behind the scenes” of Illmatic. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy!


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