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Black Sun Boutique X SickerThanYourAvg: The Photoshoot

8 Jun is excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Black Sun Boutique, a clothing line and boutique that specializes in urban fashion and swimwear. Last week, we joined forces for a photoshoot in DC, shot by the immensely talented Omatseye Ajagbawa (Follow him on IG: @Africanist). We took a LOT of pictures…this is just a sample. Look out for a possible Part Two. Also, look out for the launch of Black Sun’s official website.




Apparel: Modern Pharaoh

21 May


On Sickerthanyouravg we love showing love to brands doing positive things, especially in regards to Africa and people of African descent, so it was only right that we spread the word about Modern Pharoah. With the World Cup right around the corner, apparel company Modern Pharaoh has created a line of tees and snapbacks in honor of the African countries that are participating in the competition. The tees and snapbacks contain fairly simple color schemes and range in price from $25 – $35.Modern Pharaoh describes their movement as:

“Modern Pharaoh is an apparel company. Modern Pharaoh signifies our Return to Royalty. There is a sense of pride and purpose that we all possess. Somewhere along the line, we allowed others to determine who we are as individuals. When we allow that to happen, we lose ourselves and deprive the world of our individuality and the gifts that coincide with that. By accepting our gifts and letting our passion lead us, we are allowed to become the men and women we were always intended to be.”

Check out and show them some support.




NOTORIOUS New Apparel: A Tribute to Biggie

14 Mar

“I stay Coogi down to the socks…” – The Notorious B.I.G.


The Biggie Mockup

March 9th, 2014 marked the 17th anniversary of the passing of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest and most influential talents – Christopher Wallace, A.K.A. The Notorious B.I.G. Those hip enough to Hip-Hop culture would notice that gets its name from the first line of one of his hit songs. We dedicate our latest piece of apparel to his memory. Biggie (who often went by Frank White, King of New York) was quite fond of Coogi sweaters during his lifetime…so we gave him a crown and filled the year of his birth with Coogi print. Get yours now for a pre-sale price of $27! This is a must-have for the Spring. Click on the image below…it’ll take you straight to PayPal!

jerseyback-01 (1)

“Nothing But Excellence” – Lux Vie De Luxe

30 Jan


It’s pretty difficult to imagine Hip Hop without fashion. For all you people who enjoy looking good (That should be everyone), I strongly encourage you to check out Lux Vie De Luxe. Lux Vie De Luxe (which means “Life of Luxury”) is a clothing/lifestyle brand based in the DMV. “Our mantra is ‘Nothing But Excellence’ because that is the only thing we will accept out of life and from ourselves.” Check out Lux Vie De Luxe‘s Spring ’13 line at

-Chisom Uzosike

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