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26 Jan

Born in South London but raised in Atlanta, the “darkwaveduchess” ABRA joins Father’s (the mastermind behind the minimalist banger, “Look at Wrist”) own Awful Records to release her debut EP, BLQ VELVET. ABRA adds an R&B twist to the recent minimalist trend spearheaded by Father and other “New Atlanta” artists–showing serious promise in just under 30 mins. The standout track “U GO I GO” is almost guaranteed to be on repeat for the entirety of February 14th, while you lurk on your exe’s instagram. Needless to say, the debut release from the “darkwaveduchess” might just be the best thing that you haven’t heard yet. Listen to BLQ VELVET below.

-David Dixon


New Music: Lorine Chia – “Let Me Fly”

12 Nov

Its been quite some time since we’ve received new music from the talented Ms. Lorine Chia, so you can only imagine my excitement when I heard that she was dropping a new song. The song in question is “Let Me Fly”, a jazzy track which serves as the first single for Lorine’s upcoming EP aptly titled, Sweet Noise. Throughout “Let Me Fly” Lorine sings about the times that you simply want to be left alone and be free to do your own thing–something that we can all relate to.
Check it out below!

Freestyle: Saba Pivot – “Kentucky”

10 Nov

Saba, of the Pivot gang recently dropped a freestyle on’s relaunched freestyle series. We’ve been paying attention to Saba for sometime and if he’s been under your radar this freestyle makes a strong case of showing you how you’ve f*cked up. Produced by Saba himself, his flow on the track is vicious; with Saba proving to be one of the standout artists emerging from the highly competitive Chicago music scene. Check out the track  below as well as Saba’s sophomore tape, Comfort Zone and familiarize your self with Saba Pivot.

Music Video: Mickey Factz – “$4.14”

20 Oct

Mickey recently released beautiful visuals for “$4.14”, a track from his concept mixtape 740 Park Avenue (if you haven’t listened to the tape yet, its definitely something worth checking out). On “$4.14” Mickey Factz chronicles his highs and lows in the music industry; going from being a XXL Freshman that was financially well-off to someone struggling with only 4.14 in his bank account. The track is incredibly relatable with Factz being quite open with listeners, veering sharply from the flashy “Money, Cars, and Hoes” mantra that is often associated with rap. Watch the video below and also check out Mickey’s newest mixtape, Love.Lust.Lost.II.

Mixtape: Via Rosa – Cinderella ’99

22 Jul

Singer Via Rosa, of the collective Thempeople, shares  melancholic yet bittersweet musings about love on her newest offering, Cinderella ’99. Two years in the making and produced entirely by 2080’s Sani, Cinderella ’99 is an airy yet emotional listen. The generally tumultuous state of this generations’ collective love life makes this tape one that is easy to empathize with. Vibe to Cinderella ’99 below.







New Music: Butch Dawson – “Birds Fly” (Feat. Soduh)

22 Jul


Reppin Baltimore, rappers Butch Dawson and Soduh trade bars over dramatic production to let you know what happens “when birds fly.” Check out “Birds Fly” below and keep a look out for Butch’s upcoming record, Lower Mercury, due to drop next week on July 29th.

New Music: Kool John – “B*tch I Look Good” (Feat. P-Lo)

16 Jul

Kool John–who in my opinion happens to be one of the most promising members of the HBK Gang–recently released a new track entitled, “B*tch I Look Good”. The Ricmond, California native teamed up with his HBK crew member P-Lo to deliver this brazenly boastful summer track. “B*tch I Look Good” makes for a fun and catchy listen, be prepared to hear it at a kickback/party near you. Also, be on the look out for the release of Kool John’s upcoming record, ShmopCity.

New Music: Uzoy – “Cold Fronts”

16 Jul

Ever catch yourself wondering what a female, Nigerian rapper might sound like?

Well, Houston’s own, Uzoy (pronounced Uzi, like the gun) is here to answer that call. Putting labels aside, Uzoy delivers a dope new song entitled “Cold Fronts” after somewhat of a musical hiatus. Uzoy comes out swinging on the NVRSLPS produced track–rapping nimbly about inconsistent people that breeze through your life. Check out the track below and get hip to Uzoy.

Apparel: Modern Pharaoh

21 May


On Sickerthanyouravg we love showing love to brands doing positive things, especially in regards to Africa and people of African descent, so it was only right that we spread the word about Modern Pharoah. With the World Cup right around the corner, apparel company Modern Pharaoh has created a line of tees and snapbacks in honor of the African countries that are participating in the competition. The tees and snapbacks contain fairly simple color schemes and range in price from $25 – $35.Modern Pharaoh describes their movement as:

“Modern Pharaoh is an apparel company. Modern Pharaoh signifies our Return to Royalty. There is a sense of pride and purpose that we all possess. Somewhere along the line, we allowed others to determine who we are as individuals. When we allow that to happen, we lose ourselves and deprive the world of our individuality and the gifts that coincide with that. By accepting our gifts and letting our passion lead us, we are allowed to become the men and women we were always intended to be.”

Check out and show them some support.




New Music: James Fauntleroy – “Understand”

21 May


The uber talented singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy recently blessed fans on his birthday with the beautiful track, “Understand”. James has been pretty prolific with the amount of solo music that he has been putting out lately; so check out for Fauntleroy’s latest releases, including his recent full length release, the String Theory Acoustic EP. Enjoy all of this great music that James has been blessing us with.

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