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Jhené Aiko (Feat. Cocaine 80’s) – “To Love & Die”

25 Jun


It’s safe to say everyone here at we loves Cocaine 80’s. I think it’s also safe to say we all enjoy Jhené Aiko’s voice. For all you who haven’t heard, Jhené Aiko is getting ready to release her debut album Souled Out with Def Jam Records. Here’s the first single, “To Love & Die.”


The Tay – Pink Syrup

13 Jun

Pink Syrup

Those of you who are fans of Dormtainment should be familiar with Tay, Dormtainment member/producer of their awesome mixtapes (more on that in a later post). If you’ve paid close attention to their videos and posts on their website, you’ll see that Tay does advertise his personal projects. I clicked on his link to see what he was about and was pleasantly surprised. Pink Syrup, his most recent release on BandCamp, takes you to a mystical island made of a stack of pancakes, home to naked women with fat asses floating in an ocean of this provocative pink syrup that gives the project its name. If that description doesn’t draw you in, listening to his “Syrupy Intro” (with your eyes closed and headphones in–trust me, just do it!), with its seamless blend of hip hop beats and syrupy-smooth jazz melodies, surely will.

You can find The Tay’s Pink Syrup not in your local grocery, unfortunately, but on Bandcamp where you can listen as much as you like for free online, or buy the entire album for $5.

-Uchenna Alia (@JoAnnaAfricana)

*Note from The Team*: We’re really excited to have a new writer grace our site! Her twitter handle is next to her name, but just in case you forgot to do it the first time…Follow Uchenna Alia @JoAnnaAfricana.

Love At First Sound – Reckless

13 Jun

We love creative visuals here at This 20-year-old artist from Chicago’s Southside delivers just that with his latest video, “Reckless”. He also produced the track himself. Impressive, I know…

If you like what you just watched, follow Love At First Sound on Twitter (@LoveAt1stSound)

Black Sun Boutique X SickerThanYourAvg: The Photoshoot

8 Jun is excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Black Sun Boutique, a clothing line and boutique that specializes in urban fashion and swimwear. Last week, we joined forces for a photoshoot in DC, shot by the immensely talented Omatseye Ajagbawa (Follow him on IG: @Africanist). We took a LOT of pictures…this is just a sample. Look out for a possible Part Two. Also, look out for the launch of Black Sun’s official website.



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