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New Music: GoldLink – “Planet Paradise”

26 Mar



Virginia’s very own GoldLink, is not one that you should sleep on. The relatively lowkey MC lets that be known with “Planet Paradise”–his newest release and the only leak from his upcoming mixtape, The God Complex. GoldLink lets loose on the self-contained creative circus that happens to be “Planet Paradise”. Check out the Louie Lastic track below; The God Complex drops on April 1st.




Music Video: Vince Staples – “Nate” Feat. James Fauntleroy

25 Mar


In case you missed it–one of the West Coast’s most promising up-and-coming rappers, Vince Staples recently dropped his much-awaited mixtape, Shyne Coldchain II then shortly after dropped a music video for “Nate”. “Nate” is a solemn track off of Shyne Coldchain II whichfeatures Vince stepping back to take an observant look at his childhood and more specifically his father. Check the video out below and if you still haven’t heard Shyne Coldchain II, fix that now.



NOTORIOUS New Apparel: A Tribute to Biggie

14 Mar

“I stay Coogi down to the socks…” – The Notorious B.I.G.


The Biggie Mockup

March 9th, 2014 marked the 17th anniversary of the passing of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest and most influential talents – Christopher Wallace, A.K.A. The Notorious B.I.G. Those hip enough to Hip-Hop culture would notice that gets its name from the first line of one of his hit songs. We dedicate our latest piece of apparel to his memory. Biggie (who often went by Frank White, King of New York) was quite fond of Coogi sweaters during his lifetime…so we gave him a crown and filled the year of his birth with Coogi print. Get yours now for a pre-sale price of $27! This is a must-have for the Spring. Click on the image below…it’ll take you straight to PayPal!

jerseyback-01 (1)

Pimpin’ EP Review: 100s – IVRY EP

9 Mar


Fools Gold’s own 100s recently released his latest project IVRY EP, an eight-song project that recalls a time when West Coast Hip-Hop was primarily about pimping and anything that may result from said pimping. The project never makes any attempt to do anything other than glorify the act of “pimpery”, and while this could be an issue for another artist, 100s manages to do this without ever coming off as repetitive. He also (rather ingeniously) keeps the project very short and features very low (three in total), allowing us a peek into his world, making us want more.

Another thing worth noting is his beat selection. All the beats are more along the lines of 80s, 90s, electronic music, which somewhat surprisingly compliments his sexually charged raps very well. Take for instance the song “Can A Nigga Hit It”, which has a chorus where 100s croons “Can a nigga hit it?” over a beat that sounds straight out of a late 90s house club. “Ten Freaky Hoes”, a catchy ballad about “ten freaky hoes”, also has the same debauchery induced lyricism over a very laidback electronic beat.

The project is filled with songs that follow this same formula of 90s “pimp” raps over electronic sounding beats, and while it never gets stale, it does get a bit frustrating. Of the many rappers who boasted about pimping during the height of its popularity, none are still doing so, because (dare I say it) pimping is no longer cool. And while 100s is a great rapper and artist, I would like to think he could transcend pimp-rap for at least a song or two. And while 8 songs is a good amount of pimpery for just one sitting, I don’t see the niche lasting more than that. That being said, IVRY is still good, and is great cruising music.

-David Dixon (@DeanMonreaux)

Pros: Great beats, catchy choruses (“Ten Freaky Hoes” will be stuck in your head I guarantee), great songs all in all

Cons: 8 songs about pimping can get a bit repetitive

Score: NICE.

stya nice

PS. I saw Cherub live once (An artist featured on the song “Different Type of Love”) they are great, I recommend anyone who is reading to listen to them.

New Music: Kool John – “Bang Bang Bang” Feat. Chippa$$

8 Mar


Rich City (Richmond, CA) representer and HBK crew member, Kool John recently released “Bang, Bang, Bang” featuring Chipa$$. “Bang, Bang, Bang” makes for a strangely catchy, yet fittingly hard-hitting ode to gun violence in John’s hometown. Check it out below.

New Music: Jesse Boykins – “Show Me Who You Are”

8 Mar


Romantic Movement frontman, Jesse Boykins recently unleashed the striking, “Show Me Who You Are”. The pulsating track is a new single from Boykins’ upcoming album, Love Apparatus–due next month. Check out “Show Me Who You Are” below and enjoy some beautifully made soulful music.

New Music: Casey Veggies – “Anything Goes”

7 Mar


That “Young Boy” Casey Veggies just dropped a new track called, “Anything Goes”. Originally slated to be on Casey’s upcoming debut album, “Anything Goes” didn’t make the cut but Casey decided to still release it for fans. Veggies attacks the Futuristiks produced track with a vengeance–speaking on his favorite subjects: his work ethic, girls, and his youth. Check it out below.

Ratchet Mixtape: Eat’n Everything – Beat King

5 Mar


If you haven’t heard of Beat King, you probably don’t live in Texas or go to school with alot of southerners (Shoutout to HU). Anyways, Beat King (AKA Beat King Kong, AKA The Club God) is a club rapper/producer out of Texas. He “waits for stupid shit to happen, then raps about it”. Think of it as a ratchet BBC. You’ll laugh and get live all at the same time. This guy is a genius. Thank you, Club God.

“Break The Bank” – Schoolboy Q (Music Video)

4 Mar

Schoolboy Q’s debut album Oxymoron has surpassed expectations. If you haven’t heard it yet, get on it. If you haven’t checked out the visuals to one of the standout cuts from the album, we can help you get on it right now. The heads will love the classic, 90s West Coast Hip-Hop imagery.”Break The Bank”, ladies and gentlemen.

“Horns And Thorns” – Lupe Fiasco Feat. Ab-Soul

4 Mar


2014 was destined to be a beautiful year for the Hip-Hope scene. Who would have predicted the return of Lupe Fiasco?? On the red carpet at the Grammy Awards last month, he announced that he is currently at work on a new album called Tetsuo & Youth. We don’t know whether or not this latest release of his will be on his new album, but we do know it’s FIRE. Hearing Lupe and Ab-Soul (my personal favorite West Coast MC) trade bars is nothing short of breathtaking. Show your respect.

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