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(Can I Get Some) L.O.V.E. [Hosted by Chisom Uzosike]

23 Feb

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Valentine’s Day was last weekend (Yes, Friday counts as the weekend). Does that mean it’s too late to give a Valentine’s Day gift? Of course not! I’ve made you all a special mixtape dedicated to…LOVE. I dug deep for some of the classics you’ll find here. If you love Hip-Hop, R&B, and Love (and all its ups and downs), this is for you. I love you all!

– Chisom Uzosike


New Music: Jamall Bufford – “Eat” (Remix) Feat. Obie Iyoha & Clear Soul Forces

18 Feb


Michigan rap mainstay, Jamall Bufford enlists the help of Clear Soul Forces alongside Obie Iyoha to breathe some new life into his track “Eat”. Produced by Doc Illingsworth, “Eat” is originally from Jamall’s 2013 album, Victim of A Modern Age. Instead of lazily just throwing one new bar on “Eat’ for the remix (which is pretty typical these days), Jamall along with Obie Iyoha and Clear Soul Forces deliver an interesting lyrical reinterpretation of the original. Check out the “Eat” remix below.

New Music: Little Pain – “Tommy Strawn”

18 Feb


Brooklyn native Little Pain creates a song that’s somewhat hilarious yet relatable (and even saddening), entitled “Tommy Strawn”. Named after Tommy, the jobless character from the 90’s hit TV show Martin–Little Pain relates his own struggles for employment with Tommy’s, with clips from the aforementioned TV show being sampled throughout the song. Also if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to Little Pain’s awesome “Du-Rag Raps”; an eighties-pop influenced love song to du-rags (who doesn’t love du-rags?). Check both songs out below.

New Music: Nickelus F – “Jewelz”

18 Feb


The prolific Nickelus F dropped a dope new song today for fans called, “Jewelz”. On the somber track Sweet Petey is in straight storytelling mode, letting listeners in on some past struggles. The drum-backed production has a delicate air to it, making for a striking contrast with Nickelus’ gruff voice. Check out “Jewelz” below.


15 Feb

25 Songs For A Valentine’s Day That Didn’t Go So Well:

While most of us intellectually know and understand that Valentine’s Day is now an overly commercialized holiday–mainly used by corporations to push plush teddy bears and boxes of chocolates off of shelves, it is still a holiday that can often end up wreaking havoc on emotions. Whether you’re single and felt some type of way looking at all the lovey-dovey instagram posts infiltrating your timeline, you’re in an relationship and Valentine’s Day just didn’t quite live up to expectations, maybe you even found out that you were unknowingly a sidechick, or anything else in-between–Sickerthanyouravg cares if don’t body else cares. So sit back and listen to some of the best Sadderday tracks ever created, while momentarily dwelling in your feelings and maybe even shedding a thug tear or two–don’t worry its natural.

***Disclaimer: If you aren’t already in your feelings, once you listen to these songs be prepared to quickly get into them***

1. Drake – “I Get Lonely Too”

2. The Pharcyde – “Passin’ Me By”

3. The Weeknd – “Same Old Song”

4. Ne-Yo – “So Sick”

5. Carl Thomas & Faith Evans – “Can’t Believe”

6. Kanye West – “Blame Game”

7. Destiny’s Child – “Through With Love”

8. Toni Braxton – “Another Sad Love Song”

9. Mario – “How Could You”

10. Frank Ocean – “Bad Religion”

11. Tank – “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

12. Brandy – “Almost Doesn’t Count”

13. Diddy Feat. Usher & Loon – “I Need A Girl” (Part 1)

14. Tyler The Creator – “Her”

15. Usher – “Burn”

16. Keyshia Cole – “I Should Have Cheated”

17. Nas – “Bye Baby”

18. Aaliyah – “The One I Gave My Heart To”

19. Lianne La Havas – “Lost and Found”

20. Justin Timberlake - "Cry Me A River"

21. Adele - "Melt My Heart To Stone"

22. Lauryn Hill - "When It Hurts So Bad"

23. Mary J Blige - "Not Gon' Cry"

24. Wale - "Break Up Song"

25. Jay Z - "Song Cry"

Music Video: Phife Dawg (of A Tribe Called Quest) – “Dear Dilla”

15 Feb

Phife the “Funky Diabetic”, recently premiered a new music video on OkayPlayer entitled, “Dear Dilla”. In light of the anniversary of J Dilla’s passing (February 10, 2006) and his birthday (February 7th)–Phife put together a touching music video where he addresses his departed friend and even visits Dilla’s hometown of Detroit. Check out the Konee Rok directed music video below and buy the single on iTunes (the proceeds go to Jay Dee’s daughters).

New Music: Bo Na$ty – “Hoopty Music” Feat. Jah Na$ty

14 Feb

Play this in your bucket with pride and get ig’nant. Up and comer Bo Na$ty follows up “Nastythesquad” (his first single for his upcoming mixtape, Ugly Season) with the slightly eccentric second single, “Hoopty Music” featuring cohort Jah Na$ty. Check out the song below, and be on the lookout for Ugly Season which will be dropping later this spring.

EP: J. Appiah – Travelight

14 Feb


British Ghanaian singer-songwriter, J. Appiah (aka Jesse Appiah) is one to keep your eyes on. Travelight is the artist’s sophomore EP, following his debut EP Studiocoustic. Backed by his guitar and a sweet yet impassioned voice, J. Appiah delivers an EP that is decidedly short but sweet. Check out Travelight below as well as J Appiah’s new music video for the Travelight cut, “Rabbit Hole”. 


Music Video: Thurz – “Punky Brewster”

14 Feb

The ever busy L.A rapper, Thurz just dropped a music video for his track, “Punky Brewster”. Directed by Zack Warren, the music video solely features Thurz along with a nude model that Thurz splatters with paint. “Punky Brewster”happens to be a quickfire, patois laced track from Thurz’s upcoming album called, Blood On The Canvas.

New Music: I/O – “Right Track”

11 Feb

The elusive I/O aka Ayo Olatunji recently dropped the moody, yet soulful track entitled, “Right Track”. Laced with quietly sensual vocals, a thumping bassline, and great songwriting, “Right Track” sounds like a hit. Hopefully I/O drops more work in 2014.

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