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Happy Birthday Pac !

17 Jun

This day, June 16 marks what would have been…what should have been the 42nd birthday for Tupac Amaru Shakur–gunned down seventeen years ago. The charismatic, multi talented rapper was one of hip hop’s game changers whose presence is still very much felt to this day, with rappers like: Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and many others citing him as a source of inspiration. Pac has always been a personal favorite of mine–despite me only being three years old when Tupac passed away I remember as a youngin growing up in California hearing my older cousins play random songs of his and being drawn to his voice and confidence. As I grew older I would watch, read, and listen to whatever I could that had to do with Pac. As a fan some things that I really loved and admired about Tupac were: his intelligence–he always came off like he was thinking and never regurgitated anyone else’s thoughts whether or not you agreed with his beliefs he spoke his mind, his honesty–with Pac’s lyrics I loved how he never tried to make himself anything that he wasn’t; he showed fans that he was a multifaceted individual (the saint and the sinner) being introspective at one moment and defiant the next, my list could go on and on but one more thing about Pac that always stood out to me was how much he cared about his community–as the son of Black Panthers he understood this lineage and always spoke on the struggles of African-Americans when others would simply turn a blind eye. A true artist; all of these things and so much more are reasons why Tupac is a visionary that will live on. In the words of Tupac himself, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.”

-Christine Ahamefule (@Cleanyournyash)
Some random favorites:
(Pac got his start in rap with Digital Underground)


New Music Video: Sage The Gemini – “Red Nose”

14 Jun

“Yiking”, yes the name is yiking and not “red nosing”, is surprisingly becoming the new dance craze of 2013. The song and dance originates from Bay Area rapper, Sage The Gemini, who is also known for his song “Gas Pedal”. “Red Nose” is catchy as hell and despite of its Californian roots is being picked up on the east coast and the south. To me the whole little skit at the beginning and end of the video was unnecessary but the video itself fits the atypical Cali music video mold: sunny,girls,bright colors,and lots of Pink Dolphin–reminiscent of the jerking videos from a couple of years ago. Will you be “yiking” at any parties soon? Check it out below:

-Christine Ahamefule (@Cleanyournyash)

New Music: Vince Staples – “Killin Y’all” Feat. Ab. Soul

14 Jun

Vince Staples joins forces with the “Black Lip Bastard” aka Ab-Soul and producer “Larry Fisherman” aka Mac Miller on his dope new song, “Killin Y’all”. The song is off of Staples’s upcoming Stolen Youth LP, which will be produced solely by Fisherman–a new look for Vince since he frequently works with producer Michael Uzowuru. “Killin Y’all” displays, in my opinion Mac Miller’s growing ability as a producer; the beat knocks but still maintains an eerie feel. Also, both Ab and Vince deliver on the song with Vince flowing effortly, Stolen Youth is going to be one to look out for. Go below and check out “Killin Y’all” and another (earlier released) cut from the album, “Guns & Roses”:
-Christine Ahamefule (@Cleanyournyash)

The Weeknd Unveils New Song: “You Belong To The World”

14 Jun

Although the video isn’t the best quality–The Weeknd unveils a new song called “You Belong To The World” from his upcoming album, “Kissland”. The performance is at a small show in his hometown of Toronto and the song features the dark yet emotional lyrical styling that we have now come to see as Abel’s signature.
-Christine Ahamefule (@cleanyournyash)

New Video: 100s – “1999”

14 Jun

Berkeley based rapper, 100s recently dropped a new video for his song “1999” off of his debut mixtape Ice Cold Perm. The Seaside Stretch directed video lives up to its name including: iconic 90s movies clips, a throwback all white well lit music video set, the slow motion fan blowing through 100s flowing “permed” locks and females throwing it back in some 90s inspired outfits–100s even throws in a (real) harlem shake. “1999” isn’t the typical “stuck in the 90s” song featuring a rapper who is pining over an era that they never really grew up in but shows off 100s as a “prince of pimp rap”, flowing nimbly and throwing in flagrant lines like, “skinny a** nigga with a d*ck as long as my perm”. Check it out for yourself below:
-Christine Ahamefule (@cleanyournyash)

Hot 97 Summer Jam 2013

3 Jun


New York radio station, Hot 97 marks the 20th anniversary of their legendary Summer Jam concert today in New Jersey. If you’re one of the unlucky people who unlike our editor, Chisom, did not receive free tickets to the concert from an internship at XXL and won’t be at the concert–have no fear we got you with the live ustream from the concert. The concert already began and has a lineup containing Wale, The Wu-Tang Clan, Kendrick Lamar, French Montana, and many others–with tons of surprise guests. You can also catch the entire concert again, tomorrow on vevo. In addition to all of this you can download Hot 97’s dj, Mister Cee’s Best of Summer Jam 2013 mix below:

-Christine Ahamefule (@Cleanyournyash)


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