Freshman Week: #2 – Action Bronson

16 Feb

Hometown: Queens, New York

Action Bronson is a true anomaly (anomaly n. Deviation or departure from the normal or common order) – he’s Albanian, a well-respected gourmet chef, and DEADLY on a microphone. I don’t think I’ve been…no…I know I haven’t been this impressed with a “white rapper” since I started listening to Eminem. I first got a taste of Bronsoliño’s rapping ability when I accidently came across his video for “Shiraz” on YouTube. I was hooked on first listen, and immediately downloaded every mixtape I could find.

Action Bronson raps with a genuine, unadulterated, classic New York flair, and has drawn comparisons to the Wu-Tang Clan legend, Ghostface Killah. While the comparisons are certainly warranted (they do sound quite alike), Action Bronson is no copycat. He rhymes with a sense of humor and charisma that no one can imitate. His flow, beat selection, humor, presence, and catalogue (His debut album Dr. Lecter = Classic) make him a serious force to be reckoned with. Action Bronson is an MC you will be hearing about for a very long time.

-Chisom Uzosike

The Track That Won Me Over:

In Case You Need Some More Convincing…

Download Action Bronson’s mixtape Rare Chandeliers here:


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