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African Takeover Day: The Best African MCs

28 Feb


Today is African Takeover Day. If you didn’t know, now you know. As a lover of Hip Hop AND a proud African man, what better way to celebrate African Takeover Day than to highlight some of the best MCs who hail from the Motherland. Many of your favorite Hip Hop artists are African, and you don’t even know it. Many of these African MCs rock the mic better than most of your favorite Hip Hop artists…and you don’t even know it! Don’t worry, I’ll gladly put you on…


-Chisom Uzosike

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Frank Ocean Care Package: Grammy Rehearsal Footage & “Eyes Like Sky”

26 Feb

After what some (including Frank Ocean himself) might call a lackluster performance at the Grammy Awards, Frank Ocean decided to treat his fans to his rehearsal footage. Here, Frank is noticeably more comfortable and his voice more free flowing. Perhaps this video will lay to rest rumors that Frank’s constrained performance was intended to make a statement, and will illustrate that nerves probably overcame him during his set. Along with this footage, Frank Ocean released “Eyes Like Sky”, a track that didn’t make the final roster on Frank’s debut album Channel Orange.

– Nicole Billingslea (@billsoncoke)

New Music: Joey Bada$$ Feat. Chance The Rapper – “Wendy N Becky”

26 Feb

Wendy N Becky

It’s a special occasion when two members of our Freshman List decide to collaborate. Young MCs Joey Bada$$ and Chance The Rapper combine their powers of lyricism to bring us “Wendy N Becky”This collaboration is especially exciting for me – For a while, I’ve  been wondering what a collaboration between these two MCs could sound like. Their respective styles compliment each other beautifully. Chance’s quick, witty, and effortless delivery serves as a welcome contrast to Joey’s methodical, deliberate, and subtle lyricism. I sure hope this is the first of many collaborations between these two.

– Chisom Uzosike

Jabari Presents: Hoodie Allen (Documentary)

25 Feb

For all you readers who have lofty dreams and aspirations, this documentary is a must-watch. Meet Hoodie Allen, a 24-year-old MC who left his job with Google to pursue a Hip Hop career. Continue reading

On The Rise: Dr.Eamz – Life Of A Starving MC

25 Feb

dr. eamz

Allow me to introduce you to an MC whose self-proclaimed mission is to keep Hip Hop alive – Dr.Eamz. This rising artist hails from Long Island, New York. For the past two years, he’s been working on his upcoming album Life Of A Starving MC. Judging from the tracks I’ve heard so far, L.O.A.S.M.C. is poised to be an incredible album. Dr. Eamz has earned himself a spot on my list of must-watch up-and-comers. He should be on yours too. Take a listen for yourself.

– Chisom Uzosike

Here are a few choice tracks:

New Mixtape: IllRoots Radio Volume Three

24 Feb


Shout out to the good people at IllRoots for dropping their third installment of the Ill Roots Radio series, Ill Roots Radio: Volume 3. This mixtape is filled with exclusives and some of the hottest music out right now. It also happens to be hosted by Howard University’s own Chase B (HU YOU KNOW!). Listen to it below.

-Christine Ahamefule

Chance The Rapper – “Acid Rain”

23 Feb


Fresh off the enthusiasm of his highly regarded mixtape 10 a Day, Chance The Rapper delivers “Acid Rain”, a smooth track from his upcoming sophomore release, Acid Rap. The track features production from Jake One. At first listen, the song’s aura and reflective style is reminiscent of something from Kendrick Lamar’s music index, but given a more careful listen it offers a thoughtful view of his own past and current state.

– Nicole Billingslea (@billsoncoke)

P.S. Check out Nicole’s “Freshman Week” article on Chance The Rapper here:

Kendrick Lamar Feat. Drake – Poetic Justice (Official Video)

22 Feb

Kendrick Lamar has finally released the music video for his single “Poetic Justice” featuring Drake. I could talk about how I feel about it…or you could check it out for yourself!

– Chisom Uzosike

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At 2003 (Ten Whole Years Ago…)

21 Feb

2003 Collage.jpg

Press Play Before Reading…

2003 was such a beautiful year. It seems as if life was a lot simpler back then…after all, I was just a mere 10-year-old. It’s hard to believe we’re a whole decade removed from the days when Mitchell & Ness throwback jerseys, sagged jeans, and Air Force 1’s were very much in style. It’s even harder to believe that superstars like LeBron James, 50 Cent, and Beyoncé were all just getting started with their respective careers. In keeping with the spirit of Throwback Thursday, let’s take a look back at some of the best things 2003 had to offer…from a Hip Hop perspective, of course.

-Chisom Uzosike

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Joey Bada$$ & Pete Rock: Classic In The Making

20 Feb

Joey n Pete.jpg

Joey Bada$$ has NO intention of slowing down. Earlier this year, he released “Unorthodox”, a track produced by the legendary DJ Premier. Now he’s in the studio with another legendary producer – Pete Rock. For those of you who are new to Hip Hop, Pete Rock and DJ Premier are, arguably, the two most influential producers in the history of East Coast Hip Hop. The fact that Joey has enlisted both of these legends means the following:

1. He has earned some serious respect. Remember…these guys worked with Nas…on Illmatic.
2. He doesn’t plan on selling out any time soon.
3. He intends for his upcoming debut album to be a CLASSIC.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

-Chisom Uzosike

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